Dec 21st

Tips & Tricks – the “Facial Trio”

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Have you ever wondered how when someone changes from an ordinary status to a celebrity status their appearance changes dramatically as well and all of a sudden they look absolutely fabulous all the time!  I’ll tell you some of the tips and tricks that are used to make that possible.  The goal is perfection…but since no one is perfect, there are a few things that can be done to at least make it appear that way.

Eyebrows can be sculpted, colored (or bleached), and even the use of brow gel will help to achieve very sexy, polished, well groomed eyebrows. If they still need a bit of an enhancement brow pencil or shader can be used to fill in, reshape or to give the brows a fuller look.  When this is done properly the brows will look flawless and yet still very natural.

Eyelashes are the feature to accentuate along with flawless eyebrows.  They can be made to look longer, fuller and thicker in a variety of ways.  Almost any mascara can be used to give the lashes more volume.  Mascara should be put on each lash from root to tip on both the top and bottom lashes.  Use three coats to get the most dramatic effect but be sure to comb the lashes after each coat to ensure there are not any “clumps” and that the lashes stay separated. Artificial lashes can be applied to the top lashes and will usually last about 24 hours.  When wearing artificial lashes mascara needs only to be applied to the bottom lashes.  The same rule applies when wearing Individual Lashes, which last a little longer than artificial lashes, usually up to 10-14 days.  They also have a little more of a natural appearance, the application time takes longer and this is not something you can do yourself.  The most natural, long lasting, undetectable of all eyelash enhancements are the semi permanent Xtreme Lashes otherwise known as eyelash extensions.  The application time is the longest of all previously mentioned but they also last the longest, up to 3 months!

Lips are another focal point of the face and also conclude what I call the “facial trio”- because when the eyebrows are flawless and the eyelashes are long, thick and full and the lips are detailed this creates perfect facial balance.  The lips are detailed with lip liner.  Whether you choose a lip liner that is an exact match to your favorite lip gloss/lipstick or you decide to accentuate them even more so with a lip liner that is in contrast, maybe a shade or two darker than the lipstick, this little detail will make a big difference.  When using a lip liner we can reshape or define our lips to make them appear perfectly shaped.  Most people have a either a larger top or bottom lip and with lip liner they can be made to look even.  Lip liner can also be used to create a “cupids bow” if you don’t have much of one (the dip in the middle of your top lip).  Lip liner also helps to prevent your lip color from “bleeding” because it forms a border around the lips.

If you don’t wear makeup and prefer the natural look you can still benefit from the “facial trio” enhancements; sculpted eyebrows, long, thick, fuller eyelashes and perfectly shaped lips.  If you are a makeup person and would like to learn more about highlighting and contouring your cheeks, nose and eyes for a more dramatic appearance then call Unique Face Options on 678.344.3223 for a make-up consultation and make-over.  You can even bring your own make-up to learn how to use it properly.   We can help you with the “facial trio” so that you look your very best, and of course it’s important to achieve and maintain healthy skin so you have a beautiful back drop for the other enhancements. In the next Issue of Our Town I will reveal more tips and tricks!

Q:         Do you provide permanent make-up?

A:           We are going to provide permanent make-up services beginning this summer.  This is yet another great way to enhance the eyebrows, the eyes and the lips- the facial trio.  It also creates some special effects by adding moles in just the right place. Permanent makeup is also very useful in covering imperfections, etc.

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Lisa Clinkscale Porter is a 5-Star Aesthetician named by Skin Inc. Magazine and owns Unique Face Options- the corrective skin care boutique.  She is also the author of Every Woman’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Sexy from Head to Toe- Skin care and personal hygiene tips you never knew to ask but definitely need to know.