Feb 21st

It’s Time to Achieve and Maintain Healthy Skin

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But first, do you know which category your skin is in?  If your skin is blemish free, even toned, hydrated and smooth then congratulations you should be trying to maintain your healthy skin.  However, if you have a few skin challenges then you should be trying to achieve healthy skin.  Either way read on and find out how to accomplish both with these three very simple steps.

The first step is having a good daily skin care regimen.  A good daily regimen generally consists of; cleansing, prevention, resurface/treat, moisturizing and protecting your face and neck two times daily.  Cleanser removes dirt, debris, impurities, and/or make-up from the pores and allows the skin to breathe and to be more receptive to the other steps in your regimen.  By using a toner immediately following the cleanser, it removes any excess cleanser and brings the skin’s ph balance back to normal right away.  This step is also referred to as the prevention step because it lifts and tightens the skin therefore slowing down the aging process.  The next step is to address the current condition of your skin.  The sole purpose of the resurface and treat step is to give the skin clarity.  These are the products used to correct or repair your skin in order to either clear it up or keep it clear.  Afterwards, a good water based moisturizer is applied to provide hydration from water and not from oil.  Finally, we all need to use at least a SPF15 sun protection on our skin every morning as the final step.  It should contain antioxidants and both UVA and UVB protection so we are protected from the aging and burning rays of the sun.

The second step is using the appropriate products for your skin.  Using the right product can make all the difference.   I always recommend using holistic, all natural products that do not have any artificial fragrance or preservatives.   It is sometimes very difficult to determine what products your skin needs because of hormonal changes, age management concerns, sun damage, stress/anxiety levels and use of medication.  It certainly does not help that there are hundreds, if not thousands of skin care products marketed every day that only add  to the confusion of deciding what is best to use.  Think of it in this way from now on- there are only two types of products are on the market; the kind that you can select at your own discretion and the kind that has to be selected for you by a licensed skin care professional.  The products that you have access to will almost never have a high enough percentage of any active ingredient to help you get the results you want.  In order to save time and money it is best to get a recommendation from your Aesthetician about which products are best for your skin after a thorough skin analysis.

The third and final step is receiving professional skin care treatments as recommended by an Aesthetician.  An Asthetician is a skin care specialist which whom is licensed to practice noninvasive skin care treatments, that is, working only on the surface of the skin.  An Asthetician not only provides effective skin care treatments, usually referred to as facials, but he/she is also able to make recommendations on what products will be most beneficial to your skin.   Whether you are trying to maintain or achieve healthy skin, professional treatments will help you accomplish this goal.  Regardless as to which category you are in the one thing we all have in common is the fact that our skin cells die and move to the surface of our skin each month.  Once these dead skin cells surface they must be removed quickly so they do not clog the pores and cause problems like; black heads, break-outs, enlarged pores, hyper-pigmentation (uneven skin tone) or excessive oil.  On the other end of the spectrum, depending on the season and the type of skin you have to begin with it may be that you experience; dry, flaky, peeling skin that is very dull and devitalized looking.  Again, these problems only get worse as time goes on and the dead skin cells build month after month without ever removing them professionally.   We have to be sure that the cells are removed evenly, properly and consistently in order to achieve or maintain healthy skin.  Once you understand this then you know that a facial is not a luxury, it is indeed a necessity for everyone who would like to grow older very gracefully and look his/her best for as long as possible.

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Lisa Clinkscale Porter is a 5-Star Aesthetician named by Skin Inc. Magazine and owns Unique Face Options- the corrective skin care boutique.  She is also the author of Every Woman’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Sexy from Head to Toe- Skin care and personal hygiene tips you never knew to ask but definitely need to know.