Jan 21st

More Skincare and Make-Up Tips & Tricks

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Have you ever wondered how when someone changes from an ordinary status to a celebrity status their appearance changes dramatically as well and all of a sudden they look absolutely fabulous all the time!  Here are more of some of those tips and tricks that are used to make that possible.  Remember, the goal is perfection…but since no one is perfect, there are a few things that can be done to at least make it appear that way.

Make-Up can be used to transform ones face.  This is a major component to achieving what would appear to be perfection.  Contouring and highlighting is essential.  When contouring the face you are simply minimizing imperfections, which mean that you are darkening specific features with a foundation or powder that is at least 2 to 3 shades darker than your natural complexion.  Once all the contouring has been done then it’s time to accentuate the positive features by adding highlights, which is usually a foundation or powder that is 2 to 3 shades lighter than your natural complexion.  For example, a wide nose can be contoured on each side from top to bottom and then highlighted down the center from top to bottom to make it appear much more slender.  For someone who doesn’t have beautiful high cheek bones, they can be created in an instance by contouring just below the cheek bone and highlighting just above it, while using your favorite blush directly on the cheek bone itself.  The same trick can be used to give the eyes a more seductive, sexy look or to simply give them some depth and appeal.  Contouring is so effective it can even be used to give anyone the appearance of a perfect oval shaped face if they don’t already have one.

Hair Removal is a must for all women and sometimes even men! Yes, even men need to do a little hair removal to have a well groomed appearance and I don’t mean just the typical shaving areas.  Whether you are a model, an actor, musician, comedian or “Joe the Plumber” nose and ear hairs need to be trimmed, eyebrows should not meet in the middle (known as the infamous unibrow) and they should not be bushy, out of control and un-kept looking.  Hair on a man’s body is much more acceptable than on a woman’s body… within reason; it’s a good idea to get the back hair waxed if it’s so long it covers the back completely and looks like it could be braided when it’s wet!

Women on the other hand should have little to no hair anywhere on her entire body.  Excessive facial hair is never attractive.  This is one of the first things that need to go when trying to achieve that polished celebrity look or if you just want to look your best and it’s also something that will change your overall look the quickest (for the better).  Body hair on a woman is also unattractive.  Women should not have hair on the chest, stomach, back, buttocks, under the armpits or on the legs and it should be very neat in the bikini area.  For anyone that has excessive arm hair it can either be bleached or waxed to minimize the appearance.  Hair removal not only looks good but it also feels good to have soft, clear skin that is properly moisturized.

Skin Scents

Another quick, easy tip for pulling off the polished look is having a light, pleasant body scent.  Although this tip is not visible to the eye it’s noticeable to anyone that comes near you.  Body sprays and lotions are a great way to add to a polished appearance.  It’s like seeing a dish that not only looks good but has also has an irresistible aroma.  Don’t underestimate the power of smell.

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