Oct 21st

What Your Skin Really Needs During this Season?

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As the seasons change and the weather becomes more frigid our skin has special needs and therefore requires special attention.  Our skin tends to dry out and become devitalized looking and sometimes even flaky and begins to peel or have dry patches.  One of the first things we can do to resolve this problem is to make sure all the dead skin cells are properly and thoroughly removed from the skin, which means a good facial is in order.   Once the dead skin cells are removed then it is time to put as much hydration into the skin as possible.  The skin will be so much more receptive to the hydration once the dead skin cells are removed.  The live, healthy cells that are uncovered benefit immensely from the facial treatment.  It doesn’t matter how oily or dry your skin is, everyone can benefit from moisture that comes from water and/or oxygen.  The moisture can come from one of many hydrating facials such as the amazing Oxygen Treatments; Classic Oxygen, Cucumber & Parsley or the Chocolate Oxygen Blast.  The Paraffin Facial is another favorite along with the famous Four-Layer Seaweed Facial treatment.  If your skin requires a deeper exfoliation, then an alpha hydroxyl acid fruit peel may be another option.  By the way, this is an ideal time to get facial peels because of the decrease in UVB rays during this time of year.  Also, the skin will not just require topical hydration it will also require that we continue drinking plenty of water.  We tend to drink less water during the colder months than we do in the summer time when the weather is much warmer.  However, it is the colder temperatures that tend to dry our skin along with the heat that we use to warm our homes so it is an especially good time to drink water.  Also, let’s not forget to continue wearing our sun protection every morning.  Even when you do not see the sun shining brightly we are still exposed to its rays.  Finally, last but not least, our lips become more chapped and dry during the winter season so be sure to include a lip rescue treatment with your next facial appointment and always keep your lips protected and hydrated daily.

In the next issue of Our Town Magazine we will look at the causes and treatments for both adult and teenage acne.  Springtime is such a beautiful time of the year because the flowers begin to bloom.  The warm spring temperatures unfortunately also bring on an increase of break outs for people with acne prone skin.

Q:        My 16 year old son has always had very bad acne.  Lately, we noticed less acne break outs but a lot of dryness and flaking.  How do we address the dryness without aggravating the acne?

A:         He is experiencing topical dehydration.  His pores are still producing oil but there are bacteria present, causing breakouts and if his pores are clogged then the oil does not usually reach the surface of the skin to properly hydrate it.  His skin would need a good, but gentle exfoliation.  It may also be that he is not drinking enough water, using the appropriate products for his skin or a combination of these things that would cause him to be topically dehydrated.  Please schedule him for an appointment with an aesthetician so he may get the hands on help he needs to improve the condition of his skin.

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Lisa Clinkscale Porter is a 5-Star Aesthetician named by Skin Inc. Magazine and owns Unique Face Options- the corrective skin care boutique.  She is also the author of Every Woman’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Sexy from Head to Toe- Skin care and personal hygiene tips you never knew to ask but definitely need to know.