Apr 21st

Skin Care and Makeup Tips and Tricks to Beat the Upcoming Summer Heat

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Permanent Make-Up Can Be Used as a Natural Enhancement- Permanent makeup has come a long way!  The artists that perform this highly specialized service now use pigments instead of ink, which makes the color fade resistant (black will not turn green).  They also have the skill and ability to use brush strokes in the eyebrows to simulate real hair instead of filling them in all the way, which doesn’t look natural at all.  Permanent makeup is hypoallergenic and safe; all needles used are for one time use and completely disposable.  This is a great enhancement when it’s too hot for ordinary makeup or you are too busy to put it on.  Whether you decide to get eyeliner on the top and/or bottom lid for a more finished look or maybe a lip liner and/or lip filler for perfectly shaped lips that also have a natural and even hue to them, you will look fabulous.  In the summer heat ordinary makeup tends to fade, run or look very oily and exaggerated.  This is not the case with permanent makeup because it’s there to stay without any fuss or mess; it remains perfect all the time regardless of the weather conditions.  It is also waterproof, which means you can swim, sweat, exercise, wash your face and apply your normal skin care products as usual and still look flawless.  If you play tennis or jog you know that ordinary makeup can be ruined by sweating and even burn if it gets into the eyes.  A lot of athletes have to go without makeup for long periods of time because of this fear, but with permanent makeup you never have to go without it again for any period of time.  Maybe you would like a beauty mark like Cindy Crawford or Marilyn Monroe…anything is possible with permanent makeup.  One other tip for those who have thin or sparse eyelashes; the eyeliner is actually added in the hair line, which makes the lashes appear thicker and fuller immediately.  Permanent makeup is a sensational makeup tip to beat the summer heat…and you will get the benefit of looking fabulous all year around.

Oily Skin seems to get Even Oilier in the Summer Heat-There is no time like the present to evaluate your skin care regiment.  When was the last time you had a facial?  You may have a buildup of dead skin cells that trap the oil beneath the skin and cause the surface to be a little too dry, which then causes the oil glands to produce even more oil.  Once this happens your face can appear to be very greasy and you then have a greater chance of getting enlarged pores and breakouts.  Are you using the best skin care products for your skin for this time of the year?  A lot of people use the same products year round and wonder why they don’t always perform as they should.  It is also common to want to skip using moisturizer in the summertime because the skin already feels “oily enough”.  The type of moisture you get from using moisturizer is water (not oil) and water helps to control oil, but when you skip using moisturizer then you actually get an abundance of unwanted oil from within the skin.  Again, the oil glands are going to produce excess oil to hydrate the surface of your skin if you haven’t used a moisturizer.  The other product that is usually overlooked and underestimated is sun protection.  The minimum requirement is SPF15 and should be used daily in the morning right after applying moisturizer.   You can minimize the oil in your skin this summer by following a simple plan created just for you.

General Tips and Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat- Be sure to drink plenty of water this summer and wear a sun visor or hat of some sort if you plan to be outdoors for long periods of time.  If you are like me and don’t like to leave home without putting on mascara in the mornings then consider trying semi-permanent lash extensions this summer.  They too are water proof and very carefree.  They look great and allow you to wake up every morning ready to start your day without the hassle of applying mascara.  Also, don’t forget that by waxing unwanted hair instead of using a razor is the best way to keep the hair away longer and it is a much cleaner look.  Waxing is great for arms, legs, underarms, stomach, back, bikini, and facial hair as well.

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