Aug 21st

Are you caring for your skin the way you should? PART III (Finale)

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Let’s start with the very basics and find out.  I have a three-step plan that will help anyone achieve or maintain healthy skin for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity or gender you are, if you have skin read further and learn how you can keep your skin younger and healthier looking, longer.  In the November issue we said the first step is having a good daily skin care regimen; cleanse, prevent, resurface/treat, moisturize and protect the skin.  In the December issue we went over the second step, which is using the appropriate products for your skin.

The third and final step is receiving professional skin care treatments as recommended by an Aesthetician.  An Asthetician is a skin care specialist which whom is licensed to practice noninvasive skin care treatments, LEDthat is, working only on the surface of the skin.  An Asthetician not only provides effective skin care treatments, usually referred to as facials, but he/she is also able to make recommendations on what products will be most beneficial to your skin.   Everyone is in one of two categories when it comes to the condition of the skin; you are either trying to maintain healthy skin or you are trying to achieve it.  Either way, professional treatments will help you.  Regardless as to why you get a facial the one thing we all have in common is the fact that we all go through a cycle every month where our skin cells die and move to the surface of our skin.  Once these dead skin cells surface they must be removed quickly so they do not clog the pores and cause problems like; black heads, break-outs, enlarged pores, hyper-pigmentation (uneven skin tone) or excessive oil.  On the other end of the spectrum, depending on the season and what type of skin you have to begin with it may be that you experience problems like; dry, flaky, peeling skin that is very dull and devitalized looking.  Again, these problems only get worse as time goes on and you continue to go through the cycle month after month without ever removing the dead skin cells.   About 90% of the dust found within our homes consists of dead skin cells so we know there are billions of microscopic cells that shed daily from our entire bodies.  We have to be sure that the cells are evenly, properly and consistently shed from our bodies, especially our face and neck in order to achieve or maintain healthy skin.  An Aesthetician will be able to remove all the dead skin cells and uncover the live, healthy cells that will be more receptive to the great products that you are using at home.  Most people think that getting a facial is a luxury so therefore it is optional.  By understanding a little more about how the skin cells turnover each month and how the build- up of those dead skin cells can really damage the skin and diminish our appearance, we can be more proactive in caring for our skin.  Once you understand this then you know that a facial is not a luxury, it is indeed a necessity for everyone who would like to grow older very gracefully and look his/her best for as long as possible.

Are you ready for your professional treatment?  Effective professional skin care starts with a deep pore-cleansing facial.  There are many different types of facials so be sure to look for SKIN SENSE in the next issue of Our Town Magazine to find out; What is a Facial? The true definition of a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial


How often should I get a facial treatment?

Everyone should get a facial a minimum of at least one time per month in order to remove the dead skin cells that surface.  I always suggest that even a normal, healthy skin person get a facial two times per month to stay ahead of hormonal changes, seasonal changes, stress and age management and also to be more proactive than reactive overall.  Each time you get a facial  the skin is being resurfaced, which is great because this means your skin’s texture and appearance is being enhanced greatly.  It will feel much smoother; look more even-toned, vibrant, hydrated and refreshed.  I call it “red carpet ready!”   Let your Aesthetician make the call on  how often you specifically should get a facial because in some instances, depending on the issues/challenges, you may need to go weekly or every 10 days until you can progress to bi-weekly.  Thank you for your question!

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Lisa Clinkscale Porter is a 5-Star Aesthetician named by Skin Inc. Magazine and owns Unique Face Options- the corrective skin care boutique.  She is also the author of Every Woman’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Sexy from Head to Toe- Skin care and personal hygiene tips you never knew to ask but definitely need to know.