Every Woman’s Guide To Looking & Feeling Sexy – From Head To Toe


We have all either seen or heard about the television shows The Swan® and Extreme Makeover®, where the participants are transformed primarily by cosmetic surgery. Form most people, surgery is not an option whether it is because of financial restraints, time/scheduling restraints or because of apprehension of going under the knife. The fact is, it is just not going to happen to the greater majority of people.
When we look at a celebrity or Superstar and see perfection, it makes us all wonder if we can do something different or better to achieve similar results. It even gives us a sense of excitement and adventure just thinking of the possibilities. However, we tend to quickly come back to reality and dismiss the possibility of ever achieving similar results reminding ourselves that they have a team of people that assist them in every aspect of life, helping them to achieve perfection… and we don’t. We realize that they have access to people and information that ordinary people don’t have book-amazonthe privilege of having around or knowing about, until now.


For every woman that would like to look and feel sexy without spending a fortune, taking an extended leave form work, or going through excruciating pain, this book was written for you. It is a matter of first knowing what to do to make personal enhancements and then making the decision and putting forth the effort to actually make the changes. This makes all the difference in how you look and feel about yourself. The reality is that it does not have to be time-consuming or super expensive. Sometimes it just means doing things differently than what you are used to doing them and paying a little more attention to small details.This little book will help you discover many options that are available to you, so use it as your “reference guide”. once you have read through each option, you can determine which ones you would like to try out. The wonderful part is that you can experiment with all of these options at one time or another and then choose to continue or discontinue whichever ones you wish. Also, skin care definitions are provided in the glossary for complete understanding. This will be very helpful when discussing a specific treatment with a service provider in your area. My goal is to provide you with the tools to be able to first evaluate yourself and then redefine and emphasize your God given assets you deem appropriate. When you finish the book, you will look at yourself in the mirror a little more objectively, which is the first step. Once you take a closer look at yourself, you can then decide what you like and what can be improved upon. I have compiled these tips from my many years of working with all kinds of interesting people with different needs, walks of life, and professions. Sometimes it is the smallest detail that will make the biggest difference.

Have fun and do a little experimenting!