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Sep 21st


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The True Definition of a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

By Lisa C. Porter

A great facial begins with a licensed and experienced aesthetician and a belief that the key to beautiful skin is consistency, commitment and clinical products.  There are many different types of facial treatments so what I will describe is the most basic deep pore cleansing facial so that you will have an idea of what to expect during a facial treatment.

LEDA facial is a whole lot more than just having your face washed.  It is a deep pore-cleansing procedure.  During a facial your skin should be cleansed, toned, analyzed, exfoliated, massaged, steamed, extracted (if necessary), and treated with the appropriate masque and moisturizer.  An individual skin care plan based on the condition of your skin, either to maintain or get it to a healthier condition, should also be developed.  Recommendations on skin care and the most appropriate products for simple and effective home care use should also be discussed.

Massage techniques should be used to apply each product and treatment during the facial.  The massage portion of your facial will usually not only include your face but also your neck and upper body.

The big misconception is that a facial is just for relaxation purposes.  The truth is a facial has so many benefits that it is necessary for an individual with normal healthy skin to have a facial at least twice a month.

There are many benefits of a facial.  These include but are not limited to:

•     nourishing the skin and all its structures, by stimulating blood circulation;

•     bringing blood (carrying oxygen which is essential to cell growth) to the cells and carrying away waste products and carbon dioxide, thereby helping to cleanse the skin of impurities;

•     making the skin softer and more pliable; and

•     toning muscles and retarding aging of the skin.

A facial does feel good however the most important thing to remember is that a facial is good for you.  Taking care of the skin should start at an early age, because once the skin has been neglected, it is more difficult to improve its appearance or undo the damage that has been done by neglect.  So when you think of what a facial really is, necessity should come to mind rather than luxury.  Remember, the first thing people see when they look at you is your face.

Q:        My wife is 58 and has developed as she calls it, “fine lines and age spots” on the side of her face.  I think she still looks great and love her dearly but know that these imperfections are a concern to her.  My question, would something like micro dermabrasion be an effective treatment?

A:           There is not necessarily ONE thing (product or treatment) that I can recommend, but rather there is a combination of things that she can do that will reduce or eliminate the fine lines and ages spots.

1.)    Have a good daily regimen that consists of; cleansing, prevention, resurfacing/treating, moisturizing and sun protection.

2.)    Make sure they are clinically/medically based products so they contain ingredients that will even out the pigment and smooth the skin on a daily basis.  (The regiment must be customized specifically for her)

3.)    She should also get professional facial treatments from an Aesthetician on a consistent basis.  The Microdermabrasion Peel is probably one of the most effective non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments available. Depending on how severe the damage is will determine how many treatments she will need.  For most people, a series of 6 treatments will make a significant difference.

If you have questions about your skin JUST ASK LISA by e-mailing

Lisa Clinkscale Porter is a 5-Star Aesthetician named by Skin Inc. Magazine and owns Unique Face Options- the corrective skin care boutique.  She is also the author of Every Woman’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Sexy from Head to Toe- Skin care and personal hygiene tips you never knew to ask but definitely need to know.