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Mar 7th

Are you caring for your skin the way you should?

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Clear SkinLet’s start with the very basics and find out.  I have a three-step plan that will help anyone achieve or maintain healthy skin for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity or gender you are, if you have skin read further and learn how you can keep your skin younger and healthier looking longer.

The first step is having a good daily skin care regiment.  A good daily regiment generally consists of five things; cleansing, prevention, resurface/treat, moisturizing and protecting your face and neck two times daily.  Cleanser removes dirt, debris, impurities, and/or make-up from the pores and allows the skin to breathe and to be more receptive to the other steps in your regiment.  By using a toner immediately following the cleanser it completes the cleansing process, removes any excess cleanser and brings the skin’s ph balance back to normal right away.  This step is also referred to as the prevention step because it lifts and tightens the skin therefore slowing down the aging process.  The skin’s natural ability to return to its normal ph balance takes approximately 5-5 1/2 hours and in that time pollutants can enter the pores again, which is another reason it is important to use a toner.  The next step is to address the current condition of your skin.  The sole purpose of the resurface and treat step is to give the skin clarity.  Your skin may be too oily or dry; it may suffer from acne break outs or have some hyper pigmentation or sun damage issues.  That is why it is necessary to use a resurface or treatment product to repair and clear your skin regardless of what the condition may be.  Even if you have healthy, normal skin you never skip this step if you want to maintain the clarity.  Everyone needs a good water based moisturizer that way the moisturizer gives the skin hydration from water and not from oil.  Moisturizer is important to the daily regimen because it also puts a barrier between your skin and the environment as well as serving as a great base for make-up. It is better if the moisturizer does not have sunscreen in it because you don’t need to use sunscreen on your skin at night.  We all need to use at least a SPF15 sun protection on our skin every morning as the final step.  It should contain antioxidants and both UVA and UVB protection so we are protected from the aging and burning rays of the sun.

Be sure to look for step 2 in achieving and maintaining healthy skin in the next issue of Our Town Magazine where you will find out if you are Using the Appropriate Products on your skin and if not how you can begin right away.


I don’t use anything except soap and water on my face and I think my skin is pretty healthy.  Should I continue to do this since it seems to be working?

I would highly recommend that you follow the five step skin regiment that includes; cleansing, prevention, resurface/treat, moisturize and protection if you want to maintain healthy skin.  The biggest mistake people make is waiting until problems begin to occur with the skin before taking action.  It is always better to be proactive than to be reactive.

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Lisa Clinkscale Porter is a 5-Star Aesthetician named by Skin Inc. Magazine and owns Unique Face Options- the corrective skin care boutique.  She is also the author of Every Woman’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Sexy from Head to Toe- Skin care and personal hygiene tips you never knew to ask but definitely need to know.